When it comes to photography, videography, fancy graphics or any other type of visual medium used to market your real estate listing, know that you are selling more than a house; you’re selling yourself.

We love helping our clients sell homes! However, what we love even more is helping our clients win bids to sell even more homes! It’s no secret that excellent marketing materials such as photos, videos, floor plans, etc. help to draw more attention to your listing, but what many fail to realize is the attention (or lack of attention) it draws to themselves.

Shannon Lamb, with Pearson Smith Realty consistently utilizes professional photography and video to market her listings via paid targeted Facebook ads. While these tools help her to secure contracts faster, they simultaneously help her to generate exposure as an award-winning agent, which ultimately gets her more clicks, calls and contracts. Shannon has sold over 25 million dollars in property in two years! And she isn’t afraid to get creative with her listings, which makes our job a lot of fun! Check out this “Floss” video that Shannon, her kids and even the seller all had a little fun with. Shannon Lamb Realtor "THE FLOSS"

However, you don’t have to be a professional “Flosser” to win more listings. Having professional photography and video marketing will draw a crowd, but it’s how you treat that crowd that matters most!

In our next blog post we’ll be talking client-relationships and “Changing the Way You See Life.”