When we first started Absolute Altitude, we wanted to come up with a slogan that truly reflected our values as a company while also playing off of the service we provide. Seeing life from a birds-eye perspective has become commonplace as the popularity of drones continues to rise. Whether it’s the Seattle Space Needle, skyscrapers of Dubai, India or trusses of the Golden Gate Bridge, drones have given us a new and relatively easy-to-reach perspective on these physical areas of our world.

What has also been changing about life is how we interact with people. The advancement of technology has allowed us to minimize physical interactions with people in our everyday lives. We can now do our banking online and never speak to a teller. We can graduate with multiple degrees and never once step into a classroom. We can literally purchase a pack of gum or an entire house all with the click of a mouse. These modern conveniences have in many cases replaced traditional forms of social interaction and communication.

The shifts in social interaction and communication that technology has created isn’t all bad. In fact, there are many many ways that these new forms of technology have brought people together. And don’t get me wrong, I am a proponent of technology and the good and can do.

However, there is some level of disconnect to only interacting with a name on a screen. Socially interacting with a customer in REAL life is beneficial both to the customer and the business representative. In my personal opinion, it allows you better know and understand each other. Of course, this can be done over the phone, but there is just something about an “old school” face-to-face conversation.

I love Realty FC’s motto “It’s not a transaction, it’s a relationship.” Many businesses have forgotten about the relationship piece and simply narrowed their focus to the transaction. To us, this is neglecting what is really important. A recent article about Customer Relationships by points out several ways that you can regain that personal touch that may have gone by the wayside.

Think about the businesses that go the extra mile for their customers. For me, Chick-fil-a easily comes to mind. There are many aspects of customer service that they do well, but just take the simple example of using the phrase “my pleasure” rather than “thanks” or “thank you”. In today’s fast-paced world you’re lucky if you get a “thank you,” but a “my pleasure?” Wow! It’s such a small and seemingly insignificant change up, but it goes a long way! In my opinion, the reason it goes such a long way is because it’s bringing back what many people inherently desire...personal and genuine interaction with other people.
For us, it’s getting to know our clients and caring about them as people. When we complete a project for a client, we want them to come away knowing we genuinely care about their success as much as we care about our own. We like getting to know people and we like interacting with them in person and that’s probably why we love what we do. The way we see life is not only from above, but from the inside out. In today’s world, that’s a REAL change.

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